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About Bollycise™

Dancing is so much fun and a great way to add variety to your exercise regime! Bollycise Dance Fitness is a new, easy-to-follow dance class teaching you the basics of Bollywood Dancing whilst giving you a great workout at the same time!

Don't worry if you've never danced before - Bollycise is based on beginners Bollywood dance steps.  There is more repetition of the steps through-out the class, and we do aim to have some different levels within the class for those who want to get more of a workout.  Our aim was to create a fun dance class where you'll still learn some great moves and enjoy a fun way to workout to some great Bollywood music.

If Bollycise Fitness is a bit too energetic for your liking, then why not check out our Bollywood Dance Classes.  These classes are a slower-paced choreographed class where you'll learn routines from popular Bollywood Films.  You'll still get a great workout, as well as improve your dance skills, co-ordination and flexibility.

Bollycise also offer Bollywood Dance Parties for all ages, as well as Costume Hire & Accessories Sales, Dance Workshops and Performances for all kinds of events.

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